It's easy to use

Insert JavaScript code

All you need to do is add our script to your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Ready to use

console.log(FRUBIL.device.class); ....



Inserting our script into your web page will create an object FRUBIL which you can query for information. There are various ways to access the information.

Access to these properties directly

FRUBIL.client.class // Browser // Chrome
FRUBIL.device.brand // Samsung
FRUBIL.device.marketname // Galaxy A5 (2016)
..... etc
Another possiblity is to query the object

FRUBIL.client.isClass('Browser') // true
FRUBIL.client.isClass('Library', 'Validator') // false
FRUBIL.client.isOs('Windows XP', 'Windows 98') // false
FRUBIL.client.isOsFamily('iOS') // true
FRUBIL.device.isClass('Game console', 'Smart TV') // false
..... etc

How can FRUBIL help you

  • Analytics

    Information can be put into analytics tools such as Google Analytics ...

  • Business

    Premium content for users of certain devices, link to documentation for appropriate platform ...

  • User Experience

    Send old browsers to a basic version, determine the optimal video format ...


You can use these services free of charge, we do not require any fees or a paid subscription to access.


Frubil JavaScript Device Detector issues from our previous projects. We decided to provide it free of charge. The whole logic is placed on cloud and the whole system is user friendly.
Update is provided daily.

The system recognises more then 980 clients, 220 operating system and 64 000 devices.

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